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Front protection stickers KTM 790 / 890 Adventure R b

Front protection stickers KTM 790 / 890 Adventure R b

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Give  your KTM 790 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R a unique style and total protection with the complete GRASTEC kit from Uniracing. This kit is designed specifically for these bikes and covers a variety of important parts, including headlights, fork covers, fenders, and the fork leg.

Using GRASTEC technology, these transparent stickers provide exceptional protection against scratches, dings and other damage that can affect the appearance and performance of your motorcycle. They not only guarantee a long-lasting fender, but also preserve the original aesthetics of your KTM.

Furthermore, this kit is strategically designed to protect the most exposed parts of your bike during trail rides and off-road adventures. The fenders, forks and headlights are the areas most likely to get hit by the bikes in front. With the GRASTEC kit, you'll be covering and protecting these vital parts, ensuring that your bike stays in top condition even in the most challenging conditions.

The application of the stickers is simple and precise, thanks to its design and high-quality material. In addition, GRASTEC technology guarantees a strong and secure adhesion, leaving no sticky residue upon removal. So you can change or update the style of your motorcycle without worries.

With Uniracing's GRASTEC kit, you will be able to fully customize and protect your KTM 790 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R, especially on trail routes where exposed parts are more susceptible to impacts. Add a distinctive touch to your headlights, fork covers, fenders and fork leg, improving both aesthetic appearance and resistance to the elements of the road.

Get ready to stand out on every adventure with unique style and reliable protection. Uniracing's GRASTEC kit is the ideal choice for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a perfect combination of customization, protection and lasting quality.

These stickers can take 10-12 business days to be delivered (we'll try to be as fast as possible, but we can't guarantee it).

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