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Uniracing is a brand of the Autoadhesivos ZR group, in which we specialize in motorcycle adhesives. Our mission is to provide adventurers and trail enthusiasts with the most advanced and reliable adhesive solutions, specifically designed to improve the performance, durability and aesthetics of their motorcycles. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in every product we offer, backed by decades of experience and technical knowledge in the adhesives industry. Additionally, we strive to continually strengthen our brand and market presence by collaborating with influential ambassadors and developing strong relationships with our
customers to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Xavier Patulle

    General Manager

  • Alex Guillen

    Designer Chief

  • Monica Lloansi

    Production & Shipment

  • Victor Jawneh

    Marketing & E-Commerce

  • Xavier Pros

    Sales & Export Manager

  • Sergi Mejias

    Public Relationships

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