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Protective adhesive kit / accessory Ducati Desert X

Protective adhesive kit / accessory Ducati Desert X

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If you are looking to personalize and protect your Ducati Desert X, our GRASTEC anti-scratch sticker kit is the perfect accessory. It covers all the plastics on the bike in a white and red color scheme, with details featuring the Italian flag, which will make it stand out even more on the road. In addition, our GRASTEC technology protects the surface from scratches, ensuring that your Ducati Desert X looks like new for longer. Add style and protection to your Ducati Desert X with our sticker kit.

It is very easy to install on the motorcycle. GRASTEC technology allows it to be easily unhooked and regains its natural shape during adhesive installation.

For legal reasons, this kit does not contain DUCATI logos.

This sticker kit requires about 10-12 days from purchase to delivery, as we print it once the order is placed.

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