Testimonios Uniracing

"¡Mira Alex!  Estoy super feliz con esta Africana. ¡Muchas gracias por los adhesivos!"

- V. Daniel Beltran Ramirez

"This morning I had the need to go back to the garage and look at it again"

- Gerard Auqué -


"Great work done by Uniracing team, excellent! First decal kit for my Yamaha TracerMT09, and I'm the lucky one  to release it in my Tracer of 2017!"

- Jordi Coll -


"It has been a pleasure working with Uniracing.es. All have been amenities when it comes to customizing my GS 800 Adventure. Huge team!"

- MD Burbujas -


"Complacido con su producto, cambio del cielo a la tierra . Saludos desde Puerto Rico . Gracias."

- Carlos J Galán -

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