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KAWASAKI ER6N 13-17 Tank pad

KAWASAKI ER6N 13-17 Tank pad

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Protect and customize your Kawasaki ER6N with our high quality tank pad. Specifically designed to perfectly fit the tank of the Kawasaki ER6N, this accessory is a must for fans of this iconic motorcycle.

Constructed of durable vinyl and premium grade polyurethane resin, our tank pad offers exceptional protection against scratches, scuffs, and abrasions to the tank area. Whether you're wearing motorcycle gear, carrying a backpack, or just enjoying the ride, you can be sure your tank will be protected from everyday damage.

In addition to its protective function, our tank pad adds a touch of style and personality to your Kawasaki ER6N. With its elegant and aerodynamic design, it complements the aesthetics of the motorcycle without compromising its original appearance. Plus, its UV-resistant finish ensures colors stay vibrant and sharp over time.

Installation of our tank pad is quick and easy, thanks to its high-quality adhesive that adheres securely to the tank of the Kawasaki ER6N. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to enjoy a pristine appearance at all times.

Protection and style come together in our tank pad for the Kawasaki ER6N. Discover the perfect mix of functionality and customization on every ride. Trust the quality and durability of our vinyl and polyurethane resin materials to keep your motorcycle looking its best.

Elevate your riding experience with our high quality tank pad for the Kawasaki ER6N. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your tank is protected while adding a unique touch to your motorcycle. Explore our collection of accessories at Uniracing and discover how to improve your driving experience

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