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Protection stickers Honda PCX 125 2019-2023 | BLACK

Protection stickers Honda PCX 125 2019-2023 | BLACK

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This sticker kit consists of a series of stickers for the Honda PCX 125 that have the function of protecting the most vulnerable parts of the Honda PCX. There are 5 stickers that cover above all the front part of the motorcycle (mudguards and the four parts that would have the first contact with the ground in the event of a fall of the motorcycle, whether stopped or running.

Our stickers are used by various competition teams, especially in rallies such as the DAKAR, such as the HONDA RACING CORPORATIO (HRC) on their rally motorcycles. It is strong, durable and easily adheres to the surface of your motorcycle thanks to its easy-to-apply texture. Once installed, simply apply a bit of heat and let it cure. After 48 hours in outdoor conditions, the cosmetic appearance improves, especially if left to rest in the sun for best results.

Application is simple and the adhesive adheres securely to the plastics of your KTM. You won't have to worry about sticky residue or paint damage when removing it. GRASTEC technology ensures that, when you decide to remove the stickers, there will be no resistance or adverse effects on your motorcycle, maintaining its impeccable condition.

These stickers can take between 10 and 12 working days to be delivered (we will try to make it as fast as possible, but we can't guarantee it).

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