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Protection sticker kit Honda Forza 125/300 2019-2020

Protection sticker kit Honda Forza 125/300 2019-2020

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This kit consists of 6 black stickers, developed with our state-of-the-art GRASTEC technology to provide optimal protection to the most exposed areas of your scooter.

The decals are designed to perfectly fit the shape and contours of your Honda Forza, offering full coverage and a stylish look. Its black color combines perfectly with the aesthetics of the motorcycle, adding a touch of sophistication and protecting the interior of your vehicle at the same time.

Our adhesives act as a protective barrier, safeguarding the areas most prone to scratches and marks caused by daily use. Whether it's getting on and off the bike or the effects of the weather, our decals provide exceptional abrasion resistance, extending the life of the original paint and keeping your Honda Forza looking pristine.

Installation of the sticker kit is quick and easy. Each decal has been carefully designed to fit the key areas of your 2019-2020 Honda Forza 125/300 scooter. In addition, they have a high-quality adhesive backing that ensures a secure and long-lasting fixation. If at any time you want to remove them, you can do so without leaving a sticky residue on the surface.

These stickers can take 10-12 business days to be delivered (we'll try to be as fast as possible, but we can't guarantee it).

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