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Sticker kit BMW R1250GS Adventure 2019-2022 "Adventure PRO"

Sticker kit BMW R1250GS Adventure 2019-2022 "Adventure PRO"

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Discover the "Adventure Pro" sticker kit for the BMW R1250 GS Adventure: the perfect choice for intrepid adventurers looking to take their bike to the next level. Featuring our state-of-the-art GRASTEC technology, this kit combines protection and style in one package, ensuring your bike is ready for any challenge, whether it's on rugged trails or on epic adventures around the world.

When it comes to protecting your prized BMW R1250 GS Adventure from chips, scratches and color wear, the "Adventure Pro" kit is second to none. Our GRASTEC technology, backed by years of experience and development, guarantees exceptional protection to keep your bike in its best condition over time. Forget worries and focus on what you are most passionate about: exploring new horizons and mastering every terrain.

But this kit isn't just about protection; it is also a statement of style and attitude. The kit graphic combines classic white with BMW's iconic red and blue colours, creating a striking and distinctive aesthetic that fits perfectly with the unmistakable style of your bike. Additionally, the word "ADVENTURE PRO" appears proudly on the sides of the front fender, reminding you that you're ready to conquer any adventure that comes your way.

Why choose the "Adventure Pro" kit? Because you trust in quality and performance. As an official sponsor of prominent Dakar Rally teams such as HRC and Sherco, we have demonstrated our excellence in high-performance motorcycle protection on the incredible stages of the Dakar. The same adhesives trusted by these elite teams are now available to you. Join the Uniracing family and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your BMW R1250 GS Adventure is protected by the best.

Do not let anything stop you. Express yourself and personalize your BMW R1250 GS Adventure with Uniracing's "Adventure Pro" kit. Rule the trail with confidence and style as you explore the most remote and challenging locations. It's time to elevate your driving experience and create unforgettable memories on every adventure.

Valid for all BMW R1250 GS Adventure (From 2019 to 2022)

These stickers can take between 10 and 12 working days to be delivered (we will try to make it as fast as possible, but we can't guarantee it).

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