How can I clean the adhesive residue from the plates?

There are many products on the market to clean the plates, but most can damage the plastic and ABS, so it is important to ask in which kind of surfaces can be used. These cleaners break down the adhesive, making it gelatinous and easy to remove.

To remove the remains of adhesive and to avoid damaging the plates, rags made of cotton or other fabric that does not grate are used. Preferably neutral (white) or light colors are used. It is placed on the piece, previously sprayed with the cleaning liquid, and the adhesive is dragged until it is eliminated.

Once clean, another cloth soaked in alcohol should be used to wash the remaining cleaning liquid, as this could damage the new adhesive.

With which products can I clean the plates once the stickers are placed?

The materials used for the adhesives are PVC's, so neither water nor soap will damage them. In case of using other cleaning products, it must be verified that they do not affect plastics derived from PVC.

How can I prevent bubbles from appearing on the adhesive when placing the piece?

To avoid the appearance of bubbles in the adhesive, a progressive force must be applied in only one direction, preventing the part still to be touched from touching the plate. It is necessary to place one of the tips of the adhesive on the plate in the correct position and as it moves forward, remove the support paper.

To apply a good pressure, you can use some object, smooth and not deformed when pressed, protected with a rag, to avoid grated. The best option is to use a placement spatula like the one shown in our demonstration of how to apply the adhesive.

How can I remove the old stickers?

The most important thing is to remove them slowly, to avoid the adhesive remaining on the plate. It should be raised progressively, stopping when there appear areas where the adhesive does not accompany the sheet and initiating the pressure in another zone, leaving the conflictive ones for the end. Once separated the simple parts it is recommended to apply heat (a hair dryer would be worth) in the persistent areas and proceed to its removal.

If glue remains on the plate, you can try to start by pressing a small area of the adhesive sheet on the remaining adhesive and stretch quickly so that the adhesive of the sheet takes the remains of the glue.

How can I place the adhesive in forced areas?

When we find ourselves with a curved plate we can have difficulties when placing the adhesives. In these cases, we can help by first heating the adhesive sheet (with a hair dryer again), to soften it and proceed to its placement. You can also apply heat by zones while you are placing the sheet on the plate.

Why does the adhesive stick out once it is placed?

Occasionally, if a lot of heat is applied to the adhesive, it deforms too much stretching in the direction of the placement. Special care must be taken when the sheet is heated, constantly checking that it maintains its shape and length



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