YAMAHA TMAX newest decals

The users of the TMAX, the most racing scooter on the market, are in luck because UNIRACING reaches the scooter sector with an innovative commitment.

From now on, you can customize your TMAX with two new kits.

The first kit, Carbon Kit, consists of different carbon fiber-looking adhesives. Just applying the stickers, your bike will look exclusive and the pieces with carbon texture give it the class and the cachet of the most elite components of the market.


The Carbon Kit is manufactured with a high-end material, which adapts to any surface and allows repositioning the adhesive without damaging it and leaving no residue in the plastic. One of the qualities that this kit also shows, is to protect from scratches and rubs. In the central part of the seat, it is customary to see marks of the friction of the feet with the trunk, and with our carbon adhesive, it avoids, in addition to improving the appearance of the motorcycle.

With this new release, we started working with very special and new generation materials, easy to apply and that avoid the known air bubbles, because they are completely absorbed.

The second kit, the Racing model, is made with our well-known Cristallflex material, which has given us so many successes in the Offroad world. This gives the scooter a racing appearance, with side stripes that sharpen the aesthetics of the model. The kit is assembled in five minutes and does not leave any glue in the paint when it is separated to reposition it.

The kit is available for all TMAX models.

T-Max personalizada